Area is an international magazine of architecture and design culture. It is published by New Business Media in bilingual, Italian and English versions.
Each of the six annual issues deals with a theme of architectural interest that acts as a fil-rouge in the selection of international and Italian works that are presented and explored right down to the design detail. The theme is chosen from time to time, capturing the suggestions and world trends covering topics ranging from architectural typology to monographic issues dedicated to cities or architects. 
In April the special issue “+” is published, dedicated to design and distributed on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile in Milan.
If the monographic theme changes in each issue, the Design Focus section is present on all issues and offers the analysis and review of materials, finishes and furnishing accessories.
Area expresses the value of the project to all the stairs, matter as an expression of know-how and as a resource that nature puts at the service of man’s creativity. Area investigates and deepens the themes of design and architectural artefacts that become full expression of it.