Ceramica Alessandro Sbordoni

Ceramica Alessandro Sbordoni was founded by Alessandro Sbordoni in 1910, initially for the production of artistic ceramics. In the 1920s, its production was extended to include sanitaryware, opening a second factory in Civita Castellana in 1925. A third factory was opened in 1929, and this is where “HYGIA VITREX” is produced, sanitaryware of the highest quality. By 1939 the SBORDONI company had become so renowned that it obtained two historically important awards: a patent issued by the Royal House of Savoy on 8 August 1939, and the insertion of Alessandro Sbordoni’s name in the Ceramists volume of the Italian Biographical Encyclopedia. For this reason, there is a stylized Savoy crown in the “HYGIA VITREX” logo. The founder’s uncommon efforts, insight, and skills soon earned him widespread approval and praise. The company’s production was immediately appreciated by both its customers and the competition. Since the early post-war period, Sbordoni has been considered one of the major Italian manufacturers of sanitaryware, thereby contributing to the prestige of the nascent industries of Rome and Lazio. The company’s development was continuous and constant. In 1958 it went from being an individual company to a joint stock company (S.p.A), an operation that was masterfully conducted by the founder’s two sons. It was during these years of splendor that among other important commissions, Sbordoni became the only supplier of sanitaryware for the Italian State Railways and the Orient Express. Even today, the company’s production is based on its original artisan techniques developed decades ago, while its models continue to be inspired by Alessandro Sbordoni’s original designs from over a century ago.