Faraone Srl

After over 50 years of activity and a period of renewal, Faraone Srl continues to innovate in the field of Transparent Architecture. It has implemented a range of solutions in a number of important projects, including its contributions to the realization of the Nuvola, by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas; the Stazione Marittima in Salerno, by Zaha Hadid; the Ponte della Pace, by Michele De Lucchi; the Citylife building, by Daniel Libeskind; and the National Stadium of Albania, by Archea Associati.
Among the first in Italy to adopt point-fixed curtainwall technologies, Faraone has increasingly become a leader in the sector of architectural glass.
Its position has been strengthened by its “total quality” approach, which encompasses continuous investments in technological research, the development of new innovations, and special attention to customer service. 
Faraone’s philosophy is to put the core values of passion, continuity, and professionalism at the service of its designers and clients. 
The company’s ongoing training of its personnel and carefully cultivated relationships with its partners and designers throughout Italy have contributed to its synergistic growth, all to the benefit of the end client. Technical advice, qualified installation, information manuals, product tests, compliance with deadlines, offer a unique package with high perceived quality.
Contacting Faraone today means interacting with half a century of experience in architectural glass.