MAP S.p.A.

MAP has been operating in the sector of metal carpentry since 1974. Founded by Francesco Pesatori as MAP S.n.c., a small company in Trezzano sul Naviglio, over a period of 10 years it acquired a significant amount of experience and importance in the manufacture of metal structures, becoming MAP S.r.l. in 1985. In 1988 the company was joined by Alberto Pesatori, the son its founder. Year after year he tackled every aspect of the business, moving through the various levels of the organization chart, from the factory floor to the design office, learning everything about the business and finally becoming its technical director. The company has thus diversified beyond fences and gates to the production of more complex carpentry works that require careful design development. The company’s potential, together with its desire to adequately serve its customers with a wider and more select range of products, made it necessary to expand its production facilities. In the beginning of the year 2000 it transferred the new Cornaredo site, with 6,000 square meters of outdoor space and 4,500 square meters of indoor space. Expo 2015 was an exciting experience that confirmed the idea that metal carpentry must continue to evolve in order to better respond to contemporary structural and architectural requirements. MAP S.p.A. adheres to an avant-garde production philosophy that has allowed it, over the years, to adequately express the company’s potential, to the point of becoming a reference point for the market.