Universal Selecta S.p.A.

Universal Selecta S.p.A. is a company based in Milan, specialized in solutions for the distribution of interior spaces. It offers versatile solutions for any environment with a wide range of products suitable for all needs. Main strength is the noise reduction that Universal Selecta reaches with its products. 
Techniques and materials allow to create high performance and CE marked solutions. 
Since its debut, in the second half of the seventies, the company has developed, built and installed its own products, following the project from the meta-planning phase to its fulfilment. 
The company, established on the Italian territory, guarantees its presence on foreign markets through a branched logistical and sales network. 
Today Universal Selecta present CHAKRA, an architectural modular system for interiors supplied in kit which allows to create, quickly and easily, bespoke oasis of privacy. 
Chakra won the award “Premio Compasso D’Oro ADI 2020” and it is now part of the ADI’s permanent collection.